A trust network is a group of people connected by similar ties and interests that may be placed at risk by the mistakes and malfeasance of one individual; But it also builds to enormous value when they collectively agree to engage each other according to shared values. Lumenous allows businesses and creditors to form single or multiple trust networks with each other to share data and collectively drive greater transparency and fairness into credit practices. 

Creating a Trust Network


By providing an easy and educational profile framework for any  business, Lumenous delivers unprecedented opportunities for creditors to continuously monitor, engage, and provide support  to clients and partners. It's easy to get started.

  • ​Sign up with just your email address and password

  • Enter names and email addresses of businesses

  • ​Add a custom intro and send the invitation

If you'd like us to reach out to businesses in your portfolio or book of business on your behalf, fill out the form below and we'll take the next steps. Note that you may choose whether or not we mention your name in the invitation.


​We provide tools for small businesses to launch a trust network in which they easily manage and selectively share their business credentials and performance data with financial partners such as their banker, investors, customers and partners.

Financial partners love it when businesses use our application because it saves them time and makes it easier to do business with small companies and organizations.

Step 2

Powerful tools make it look great -- a showcase instead of a score

Step 3

Choose what to share and when

Step 1

Connect your information from sources that already exist