"OIX not only stands out as a leader in trust frameworks but also is the first to actively promote and support the efforts of startups, like Lumenous, that are innovating in emerging data architectures and business models grounded in trusted online exchanges," said LaVonne Reimer, Founder and CEO of Lumenous.

​​Press Release​

Open Identity Exchange Welcomes New Members Lumenous, KPMG and Others

The 11 Principles of Applied Analytics

Chris Nichols wrote this great post on the SBA's announcement that the Agency will make available a borrower's credit score that takes into account both personal and business attributes. As Chris points out, the resulting shock waves through the industry were not the ones intended.

The New SBA Credit Score Made a Splash - Just Not as Intended

Collecting Ideas on Open Source Software

5 Things We Want to Hear If You Want a Business Loan

Patterns & Practices for Open Source Software Success

What are the ingredients for a successful open source project? Stephen draws on many years of hands-on experience in this post, an early inspiration for the Lumenous approach to collaborative commerical credit. 


November, 2014

David "Doc" Searls is an American journalist, columnist, and a widely read blogger, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, author of The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge, and an alumnus fellow at Harvard University. At Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society he leads ProjectVRM, which guides independent software development communities working on Vendor Relationship Management (VRM). The purpose of VRM is to equip individuals with tools that provide both independence from vendor "lock-in" and better means for engaging with vendors, government and other non-commercial organizations. In this post he interviews LaVonne Reimer, our founder and CEO, to learn more about how Lumenous applies the principles of VRM to small business credit. 

What Small Businesses and their Customers have in Common

​In this post every business owner (or adviser to a business owner) should read, Chris Nichols responds to a phone call from a reporter. The subject was a conversation among a group of small business owners who were complaining that none of their banks had taken the time to educate them on how to get a loan. The reporter wanted to know if Chris knew of any banks with an educational effort of that nature. 

​Stephen Walli summarizes his experience at the intersection of corporate strategy and open source software.

​Georgian Partners has developed a thesis that software and information services companies can increase their value, to both shareholders and customers, through leveraging the convergence of three key capabilities: the convergence of Cloud-based business solutions, Big Data, and broad Information Rights. They call this "Applied Analytics."