David, Managing Partner, Reference Capital is a physicist who taught for 14 years before becoming a serial entrepreneur in oil and gas and steel fabrication. Most recently, he was the CEO of ShoreBank Pacific, an economic development bank with loans to more than 200 companies. The bank was grown from no deposits and few loans to $234 Million in assets under his tenure before being sold in 2011. ShoreBank Pacific was the nation's first bank with a pure sustainability mission when it was formed in 1997 by the socially progressive ShoreBank Corp. and the Portland nonprofit Ecotrust.

Jodi brings to the Lumenous community deep experience in centralized and streamlined small business underwriting and portfolio management. She spent several years consulting for many of the largest banks in the United States and Canada in the areas of small business banking and loan underwriting. In addition, she managed the Small Business Loan Centers that handled centralized small business loan underwriting and portfolio management for one of the country's largest banks.

STEPHEN WALLI, Contributor

DAN SHUPP, Technology Lead

​LaVonne found the inspiration for Lumenous while launching a small business incubator with leaders in the Linux open source community including IBM and Intel. It was their shared vision of a system to evaluate and support a virtual, global incubator that resulted in the Lumenous themes of level playing field, quantified performance blended with "good behavior in the network" as credit criteria, and emphasis on connection and trust over black box scoring. 


Jon Prial is Director, Market Insights on the Georgian Partners Impact Team. His focus is on market and competitive analysis, working closely with the Investment Team on new opportunities. Jon also has a strong interest in privacy and governance topics, and is a key contributor to the firms investment thesis work.

Jon holds a BS in mathematics and an MS in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Executive Education at Northeastern University.

​​Did you know? Jon splits his time between Mount Snow, Vermont where he skis, snowshoes, bikes and hikes, and New York City, where he takes advantage of theatre, food, family and culture.

Stephen is a technical executive, founder, consultant, writer, international businessperson, systems developers, software construction geek, and standards diplomat. Stephen loves to build teams and products that make customers ecstatic. He has worked in the IT industry since 1980 as both customer and vendor. Currently, he is Senior Director, Platform Engineering at Corbis Images. Stephen is widely recognized as an advocate for and contributor to open source development methodologies and community governance having served as the first open source evangelist for Microsoft.


​Jodi is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of a community bank in the Pacific Northwest. She has over 27 years of varied banking experience, including extensive work throughout the branch, corporate, small business and commercial lending and finance functions of banking.

If you want to talk about world travel, literature, or the ancient art of The Japanese Tea Ceremony, you might not expect to have that conversation with the CEO of your bank. You might also not expect to call or email your bank's CEO and actually hear back from them directly. But that's what makes Jodi Delahunt Hubbell uniquely awesome; she's approachable, humble, and genuinely cares that the bank's clients feel valued.


Chief Strategy Officer at CenterState Bank, former CEO of the capital markets arm of Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank and former author of Bank Investment Daily, Chris Nichols is an active bank investor, entrepreneur and lover of quantified banking. In these new technologies and resources. Chris highlights the best of community bank performance and tips for excelling at business and consumer client management through a blog at http://csbcorrespondent.com/blog 


CHRIS NICHOLS, Chief Strategy Officer, CenterState Bank

​Bill has a rich and diverse background as CTO, systems engineer, and software architect in financial services including First National Bank of Chicago, Sterling Commerce, and Paydici. As a contributing member to the Universal Business Language Committee of the OASIS Project, Bill was instrumental in helping Lumenous identify a common taxonomy of importance to mapping and verifying financial data. 

BILL BURCHAM, Contributor

Sebastian has worked in the IT industry for over twenty five years in large firms and as an entrepreneur. He has founded two Internet Service Providers, helped launch several other startups, and held development management, senior strategy and business development roles with IBM, Oracle and Apple. He holds MBAs from Columbia University and London Business School, is a published author and holds over a dozen software and business model patents.

​Sebastian's specialities include business planning, investment portfolio management, new business creation, technology strategy, creating new business models that leverage technology, scenario planning, strategy & change management consulting, writing & communications. 


Dan is an international entrepreneur, exploring the meaning of excellence in software methodologies in developing markets, economies, and cultures. After earning a degree in computer science at Johns Hopkins University, Dan worked for IBM in the US and in China. He was part of multiple "Emerging Internet Technology" teams, responsible for identifying new software technologies and bringing them to market and served as an architect for IBM's highly regarded Websphere solution.

​Following his time at IBM, Dan has successfully built and managed a software lab and, more recently, a boutique software consulting firm in Vietnam. Dan explains:

"Vietnam is one of the most interesting places in the world. People often ask me why I chose Vietnam. There is great talent here if you know how to find it, and the country is poised to be the next huge population to 'emerge'. Also: fresh pho on every corner!"


​LaVonne is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur with deep experience architecting and bringing cloud-based systems to market. As a founder of small businesses, she specializes in markets with regulatory, privacy and identity sensitivities such as commercial credit and education. Her blend of technology, law and business strategy experience is increasingly leading to requests for her to speak and write on topics such as data privacy and self-regulating communities.



  • Committed to understanding your business and goals 
  • Make it easy to do business with the bank
  • More interested in helping you succeed than judging you

As CEO, David spoke at a national level on issues such as sustainability, green buildings, and the economics of crises. David holds an AB in Physics from Whitman College, an MAT in Physics from Reed College, and an MBA in Economics from the University of Washington. 

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Prior to joined Georgian in 2010, Jon had a 32-year career at IBM. While there, he led the marketing strategy and initial execution for IBM’s entrée into the Linux market. In addition, he held executive positions in sales, business development and marketing in IBM’s Pervasive Computing Division. Jon also led the development of the company’s Information on Demand strategy and ran the Enterprise Content Management unit, driving the integration strategy and acquisition of FileNet Corporation.


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