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Community Framework

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Honor ​Roll

  • Committed to understanding your business and goals 
  • Make it easy to do business with the bank
  • More interested in helping you succeed than judging you

Every commercial bank likes to say they focus on building good relationships with their business clients. We are looking for banks (and other financial institutions) that truly live up to the promise! We'll provide them with special terms for their own team and business clients if you nominate them below.

Here are the criteria for joining our bankers' honor roll:

Taking on a deeply entrenched system, like credit bureaus and scores, is no small task! It literally takes a community. To make ours work, we adopted guidelines and core principles from the most successful communities we could find that, like us, had economic objectives in mind -- open source projects such as Linux and Apache. 

The core principles not only guided our decisions about who would join us but also gave us a way to channel the many suggestions and contributions into a coherent solution. 

  • ​United by common interests and objectives

  • Actively contribute and support the project

  • Bring verifiable expertise, relevant to the project

We found common ground among all community members whether traditional small business lending or non-profit financing -- we need to replace current credit practices with a collaborative system that inspires businesses to stronger financial performance and drives to deeper understanding and trust in commercial relationships. Check out our featured member and more here