Applications and modules that can be layered on or operate independently from an enterprise data hub include:

  • Social tagging to add context and enhance data classification;
  • Interfaces for negotiating data
    access and usage terms;
  • Interactive games to learn about
    data collection and/or profiling.

Step 1

Connect your information from sources that already exist

Trust Network Application


We offer an array of interactive tools for people to engage with personal data including data they access from accounts, software, and services they control and data held by data publishers and other third parties. By coupling these tools with Lumenous data governance, people gain a measure of control and parties that need to rely on the data gain greater trust in its integrity.

Benchmark Application


Step 2

Powerful tools make it look great -- a showcase instead of a score

​​​​​Starting peer groups and inviting clients to participate in peer discussions

Creating and promoting new metrics and benchmarks you know will be helpful

Moderating online discussions and sharing business insights

Enabling clients to invite their peers to group; thus, generating new leads


By providing an easy and educational profile framework for any  business, Lumenous delivers unprecedented opportunities for creditors to continuously monitor, engage, and provide support  to clients and partners. It's easy to get started.

This application makes it possible for anyone to launch a benchmark study using personal data. Lumenous offers tools for data subjects to invite peers to join the study and import data for real-time displays side-by-side with anonymized aggregates. Robust automated governance normalizes data using attribute-based access controls and  continuous fidelity assessments to ensure trust in the results. Business owners use these tools to validate their company’s performance and quantify the impact of new directions such as...

Data publishers and financial services firms such as banks and accountants can offer this service to small business clients as an opportunity to enhance existing data, add new data, and gain greater loyalty in activities such as:

​We provide tools for small businesses to launch a trust network in which they easily manage and selectively share their business credentials and performance data with financial partners such as their banker, investors, customers and partners.

Financial partners love it when businesses use our application because it saves them time and makes it easier to do business with small companies and organizations.

If you'd like us to reach out to businesses in your portfolio or book of business on your behalf, fill out the form below and we'll take the next steps. Note that you may choose whether or not we mention your name in the invitation.

Step 3

Choose what to share and when

​Sign up with just your email address and password

Enter names and email addresses of businesses

​Add a custom intro and send the invitation

With Lumenous, lenders and supply chain managers can vet and monitor small business partners through a
trust network. This private-by-default application makes it easy for businesses to showcase their company in just a few steps. Small business owners have shown us they willingly share more and better data when
they are confident it's presented professionally and they retain a measure of control. Creditors may invite business clients and partners to use Lumenous by simply signing up and using built-in invitation tools

Cutting costs to extend runway, not jeopardize the company;
Shifting marketing dollars to more effective programs; and
Strengthening financial metrics critical to accessing favorable credit terms.